Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Our Home away from Home!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Our Home away from Home!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Riley at 18 Months

It has all gone by way too fast! Riley is changing so quickly and continues to amaze us with new words, phrases,and actions each day! Here are a few photos we took at 18 months. All of these different expressions in just a few minutes...well, it pretty much sums up how she keeps us on our toes!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

December 2008

It was a fast and furious month. We did a lot of baking and holiday preparation around the house, but most importantly, with our nice Christmas break, we spent some great quality time together celebrating the Reason for the Season! We added Riley's Princess tree to our collection. Jim was really thrilled about one more box coming down from the attic each year! :) We went back to see Santa at the Galleria in Birmingham (we hope to make that a tradition). Jenny Galimore had a precious cookie decorating party for the little ones that Riley and I enjoyed. AND...Riley's cousins from Texas finally came to AL! We enjoyed visiting with Vince, Red, and the girls. Troy, Diz, Park, and Vannah came up as well for a Reetz Family Christmas Celebration, a rare and wonderful holiday gift! :) Last but not least Riley helped her Daddy celebrate his birthday on December 21st!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fall Fun!

Thanksgiving was just around the corner. We took Riley to the big leaf pile that was in our backyard where Jim just finished a little yardwork. She had so much fun, but Daddy's leaf duty had just begun. She quickly undid what he spent the afternoon working on!

1 Year Photos!

One of Riley's very special birthday presents was the silver rattle, bowl, cup, and spoon that was Jim's. They came engraved with Jim's date of birth and a few baby teeth marks. Riley's name and birthdate were engraved below his. She loved them! Thank you Mom Reetz for saving these precious keepsakes and passing them along. We can't believe she is 1!

The Big One- The Big Day!

After our big day at the park, we had Riley's party on the official day at the house we were staying at. With songs, presents, her first cake, balloons, and so many family members she continued to be overjoyed! She was very hesitant to dig in at first, but once she got going there was no stopping her. She went from the fancy dress, to the "it's okay to get dirty party dress", to no dress, and she loved every finger full of it!

The Big One- Day 2

For our second day at the parks, we just took it easy and played at Disney Market Place! When we hung out around the house that morning, Riley took her first few official baby steps! Riley did some celebrating that evening, but we saved most of the birthday fun for the official day!

The Big One! Day 1

For Riley's birthday weekend, we went to Disney World! Papa and Grammy Troha, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Troy and Aunt Diz, and the cousins:Parker, Savannah, Antonio, and Connor all joined us! It was Connor's 1st trip and a celebration for Antonio for being such a brave Squirt during his big sugury a while back! We had lots to celebrate! We weren't sure how much Riley would get into it, but she loved it! We got giggles, smiles, and lots of clapping on every ride we went on. It was aperfect 1st birthday weekend!