Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Our Home away from Home!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Our Home away from Home!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Deb!

Many family and friends have helped me celebrate my birthday all over the state! Last weekend the Dothan gang spoiled me, and this weekend the Grassi and Malires crews showed me a great time. Luckily, Riley partied with Mommy everywhere! Thank you all for the great celebrations!

We're Back to School! Many More Firsts!

Riley took her first plane ride to get home. Grammy and Savannah watched Riley her first week back. Riley got her first big girl high chair. Deb and Riley had thier first "official" day of school together...Deb at her new school, Richland, and Riley with Ms. Amanda, at her first day care. It was a crazy week, but both of the girls survived the new routine without a hitch! Riley is loving daycare and is eager to play with her new friends each morning!

The Final Days of Summer

We had a farewell dinner to see the Jackson gang before we left. We squeezed in one more day of fishing on the Salt, and it was great. We went back to Parker, CO for a couple of days to see Grandma and Grandpa, and before we knew it, summer was officially over. :(

Yellowstone Take 2!

Riley got two visits to Yellowstone during her first summer in Jackson. We had to give Papa and Parker the grand tour. We did the southern loop, and we saw another bear! Papa's favorite part was Artist Point, and Parker enjoyed looking out for buffalo!

A Covered Wagon Dinner!

We went to the Bar H Chuckwagon where we enjoyed a wonderful cowboy feast. We traveled in conestogas to our dinner camp, and the food and entertainment was great! Papa and Parker even got to help put on the show!

Jim's Off Days!

When Jim was off, we had amazing days on the water. We took the boys on Jenny Lake where Parker and Jim also did a hike. We had a couple of great scenic floats on the Snake as well. We experienced two bald eagles hovering over the boat for about 5 minutes. We got some neat photos of our Warrrrr Eagle! Parker caught 4 fish on a dry fly! He did an amazing job! Uncle Jim was most impressed with his natural fly fishing abilities! :)

Parker and Papa come to JH!

Riley loved having more company in WY! We took Parker and Papa on the full tour. We spent a day touring and picnicing in GTNP. We saw a Black Bear and a Grizzly while they were here. Riley was the Ranger for the day! We all rode the tram to the top of Rondevous Peak. There was never a dull moment with this gang!